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Tips to increase your social media engagement

What is social media engagement? Social Media engagement refers to the overall responses received by your social media posts. Social Media engagement is mainly defined by comments, likes, and shares, but some platforms have different engagement features or terminology. The importance of getting engagement on your social media Meaningful engagement on social media is social […]

Types of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great marketing tool that small businesses can use effectively to acquire, engage, and retain customers. In this article, we’ve outlined four types of email marketing campaigns and how you can execute them to promote your small business 1. Promotion Emails Small businesses can drive sales and sign-ups with promotional emails. They […]

The value Chatbots add to businesses and customers

In this episode, Attentive founder and CTO Pedro Araújo talks about what it takes to build a tech new product from the ground up. Discover their approach to running an engineering team,