How to improve Email Marketing Effectiveness

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How to improve Email Marketing Effectiveness

One of the most effective ways to reach prospects and existing customers is through email marketing. There is always room for improvement with any marketing method hence we have some tips for mall business on how they can increase the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns

1. Use a compelling and concise subject line

Subject lines can make or break your email, so make sure they are compelling. Make an irresistible offer, or notify your customer of something special that’s happening. It is even more effective if you have a segmented mailing list tailored to your customer’s specific buying habits

2. Personalize your email

Sending email blasts that clearly lack customization will resonate well with your contacts. Yet, personalization can be a powerful tool when it is done correctly, as contacts can both be encourages to open the email and then interact with the content inside. Start with the basics, like adding first names to the subject lines

3. Have a clear call to action (CTA)

You should always have clearly defined calls to action whenever you are marketing via email. It does not matter if you want people to view a page, call a number and complete a form. The reader will most likely delete your email if they don’t understand what’s expected of them within 5 seconds