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We need to know about your business to build a website for it. Each service you offer will typically have its own page(s) on your website
This will help us understand the initial goal behind designing or re-designing the website
We need to understand which parts of your current website are still relevant
Understanding who your current clients are will help us know who are we building the website for
This will help us design you a website that complements your current advertising methods
6. Do you have a logo or established image
A consistent image is important for business. If you already have a logo, please provide the art files. If you do not have one, it will need to be designed as part of the web design process
Max. file size: 256 MB.
7. Are you able to provide us with high quality images to be used on your website
Images attract website visitor’s attention and help present important information which may trigger a “calls to action”. These images need to be high quality and get the best out of them on your website
8. Do you have all the content (text, info, articles, copy) available for your pages
Each page of your website needs content that compliments the images
Your theme is the overall look, feel, style of your website. This includes things like the layout and style elements. In essence, your website theme is direct representation of your brand and has direct impact on your user’s experience
The colour scheme needs to blend together and look professional
A domain name should be short, memorable, and easy to type, read and say. It should also be relevant to your business name and the services you offer. Afrukan offers domain name research and registration service to clients who do not have a domain for their website
12. Please list 3 -5 sample websites that you would like your website to look something like
these sites will help as reference when designing your website
13. Do you have social media pages you would like to integrate into your website
iI you have social media pages, we will need their links or usernames to integrate them into your website
14. Do you want us to set-up any social media pages for you
Afrukan offers a complete social media management and marketing service to help acquire new clients and get your brand out there
Our websites are designed with Content Management System (CMS) to allow authorised users a secure way of adding and updating content with no web design knowledge
16. Do you have (or wish to organise) you a website hosting service
Afrukan offers affordable web hosting packages with shared hosting servers in South Africa
17. What pages do you need on your website
Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, T&C Page, Product Pages, Shipping Pages, Product Demo Pages, Booking/Scheduling Pages, Login Pages (for membership sites) Locations, Meet the Team, Testimonials, News. List all the pages you need
Search, Forms, Maps, Portfolio, Gallery, Social Media Buttons, Online Ordering, Live Chat, Chat Bots, Pricing Tables etc…
Indicate which one(s) to publish on the website and use for any contact forms etc.
iIentifying the right key words and phrases is important as these will form the basis of the search engine optimisation of your website. We use SEO to get your site to come up near the top of the search results for your chosen keywords to help your customers find your website

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