Why website speed is so important

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Why website speed is so important

You may not have thought about it before, but the speed of your website
can play a significant role in the success of your business online. Here’s
why website speed is important and what you can do to improve it

Direct Impact on Google Ranking

Google’s search engine ranking is directly affected by your website’s
speed. Google uses website speed as one of the main ranking factors in its
algorithm since 2010. Website speed determines how fast a website
responds to the web requests placed by its users. Google recommends
that websites load within 3 seconds on desktops and on mobile devices.
As a result, Google puts a high priority on page speed while determining
rankings because it knows that slow loading websites adversely affect the
user experience.

Conversion Rate

Website speed has a direct impact on a business’s conversion rate. A
website that loads quickly is more appealing to users than one that loads
slowly, therefore resulting in greater conversions.

First impression is the last impression

Your website’s first impression has a significant impact on how customers
perceive your brand and company. Customers or website visitors make an
instant judgment about the business on the basis of their experience with
the website. Your website will immediately impress visitors if its page
speed is good. On the other hand, slow websites are considered unsafe
and unreliable

Final Thoughts

Your website needs a reliable hosting provider as well as fast loading
times so that visitors keep browsing and do not lose interest. With an
optimized page speed, you will also improve your search engine ranking.